Day 1 (1/24)

  • HTML refresher
  • Command line basics
  • Sign up for Github
  • Intro to Git and Github
  • Clone HTML profile template and begin filling out our profiles. Repo available here.
  • Share our Github URLs in this doc.

Find a list of all our Github pages here.

  • Fill out your HTML profile's we started in class (Assignment 1).


Day 2 (1/31)

  • HTML refresher continued... skeleton, title, meta, headings, paragraphs, nesting.
  • Menu workshop
  • Discuss webrings.
  • Let's make our webring!
  • Sign up for Share our urls.
  • Finish filling out your html profile from the first class. Please make sure to push it to your Github page.
  • Upload 3 examples of old web calendars from the Wayback Machine to this channel


Day 3 (2/7)

  • Intro to CSS grid and common page layouts
  • Media queries
  • Begin work on our calendars (Assignment 2)


Day 4 (2/14)

  • I will meet with you all about your calendar assignments. Please put them on Github.
  • Add your calendar urls to this doc
  • HTML Lecture: Forms & how servers work!
  • CSS Lecture: Flexbox, display, position, pseudo selectors
  • Continue working on your calendars to make them responsive. You will be graded on how your calendars work across screen sizes. Have your calendars in this doc before the critique next class.


Day 5 (2/21)

  • Introduce 2 Screens assignment
  • Calendars critique. You will have 5 minutes to briefly explain your concept. Mention one thing you want to work on and one thing you are happy with.
  • Lecture: Debugging, web inspector
  • 2 screens assignment is due next week (2/28). Place your Github repo url in this doc before 2/28 for credit.

Day 6 (2/28)

  • JavaScript Leture Part 1: Variables, arrays, functions, DOM


Day 7 (3/6)

  • We will share Assignment 3 with peers.
  • Javscript Lecture Part 2: Timeouts, intervals, DOM manipulation continued.
  • Web Writer in class workshop. Download the workshop template here.